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Pool cover

So far, the company has designed and implemented over 35,000 square meters of movable roofs in spaces such as: swimming pool, restaurant, skylight, hall, terrace, patio, parking lot and sports and recreational places.

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Sliding pool roof

Afraz Company, a manufacturer of movable ceilings, has started its activity since 2010 and is the top brand of telescopic movable ceilings in Iran.

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Outdoor living is better!
Enjoy your outdoors all year round

[The main principles]

Sketch of every detail

Afraz Group designs and manufactures a set of swimming pool protection systems: pool area and pool shutters. Afraz also offers a sliding roof for the outdoors. Design, innovation, reliability, high quality, safety are our features.

Exterior architecture

We specialize in your outdoor and outdoor architecture.

Leading quality

Ask us for different types of movable and skylight roofs according to your needs!

[Some benefits]

Advantages of the pool roof

Four seasons can be used.
Your pool is always clean.
Save water and energy
Very practical and luxurious
Due to the mobility, you have both an outdoor pool and an indoor pool

Maintain pool water heating
Reduce pool maintenance costs
Convenient and easy installation

The latest projects

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